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Mr Hard Water You Tube Videos - Pool Tile Cleaning
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 1. This video provide a comparison of the 0 degree vs. the 15 degree blast head.  It will help you to see the difference between the blast heads and to help you to determine which blast head is right for your application.

2. This video compares the different types of guns that are used with wet blasting.  Some are short.  Some are long.  It is important to choose the correct gun and blast head configuration that is right for your job.

3. There's no need to fly blind.  You can controll the blast pressure.  This will help you to avoid unnecessary damage to the pool tile, glass tile, or suface.  Use an in-line pressure gauge to controll the power!

4. This video describes the proper maintenance for the blast heads.  It is important to shut down and clean up well in order to avoid standing water within the blast head.  This only creates unnecessary and early equipment replacement.

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