Eco Power - All Natural Sink and Dish Cleaner -15 oz

JFlint Products, Co.Stainless Steel Cleaner -15 oz
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 Eco Power All Natural Mineral Cleaning Powder™ is a super fine, all natural cleaner.  It contains absolutely no acids or chemicals.  It is designed to safely clean and polish stainless steel, porcelain, tile, polished stone, polished metals, and glass.

Eco Power™ Powder is designed to clean without harsh chemicals.  It is eco-friendly, environmentally-safe, and kid and pet safe.  It provides superior cleaning care because it is milled to a super fine natural powder that can reach micro-pores. Apply with a microfiber towel or other soft cloths on stainless steel, and other delicate fixtures and metals.  For tough stains, use a Mr. Hard Water™ Pad.


  • Food Safe and Pet Safe
  • 100% acid and chemical free
  • For Home, Restaurant, Hospitality, Medical, Veterinary
  • Ideal for all Stainless Steel Appliances and cook tops, porcelain wash basins, and tile.
  • Wine glass & dishes.

Disinfecting sensitive surfaces with traditional cleaners can leave behind a residue of harsh chemicals that can harm pets, children, and adults.  Eco Power Powder™ is designed to safely and naturally remove dirt, bacteria, foodstuffs, hard water and the residues left behind by other cleaners.

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