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Mr Hard Water Cleaning Supplies Media Sifter PWC – 0130
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Mr. Hard Water® - Media Sifter


When media sits around in storage, it has a tendency to absorb moisture and clump up similiar to cat litter.  Filling your hopper with clumpy media will certainly cause flow problems.  The media will clog the hopper plumbing, the Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC), the clear vinyl media hose, and even the venturi blast head.

The remedy to this problem is to sift the media thoroughly before adding it to your hopper.   Place the Green Sifter over a 5 gallon bucket or directly onto the hopper opening.  Then, pour the media through the sifter.  This will filter out unwanted clumps and debris.

Media Sifters come in a variety of gratings, or mesh sizes.  This particular media sifter strains the media quickly while removing clumps and debris.  Finer mesh sizes may filter the media finer but takes longer to sift.  This is a coarse media sifter designed to sift quickly while still removing clumps and debris.  Finer sifters are available.  The next size smaller is the 1/20", Mesh 15, 1,200 micron.  Pouring time is significantly increased and is too fine for most medias.


  • Stackable 13-1/4" Sifting Pan with 1/12" Mesh Size.
  • Diameter at top: 13-1/4 inches
  • Mesh size: 1/12” inches
  • Mesh Size: 10
  • Mesh Size: 2,000 microns
  • Wire thickness: 0.45 mm
  • Stackable design sits nicely on a 5-gallon bucket
  • Stainless Steel Wire Grading



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