Media - Stone (Textured Surfaces)

Mr Hard Water™ Media - Stone (Textured Surfaces)
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MR. HARD WATER BLAST MEDIA: (watch instruction videos below) 

The Mr Hard Water Blast Media is an innovation in raw materials used for cleaning.  It is not soda.  It is not sand.  It is not glass bead.   Each type of media is designed for a different surface.  Dirt, oils, grease, calcium, hard water, and other particulates frequently bond to stone, glass, plastics, and metal surfaces.  By injecting the correct blast media into a pressure washer accessory valve, the power of cleaning and restoration can be enhanced 100 fold. This technique avoids harsh chemicals and scrubbing.


Unlike sand particles and glass beads which can pit and destroy surfaces, Mr Hard Water Blast Media disentegrates upon impact. The kinetic energy of the injected particle is imparted to the dirt needing to be cleaned rather than the underlying surface.  This provides a safe, powerful, and effective cleaning method that avoids the pitting of tile, stone, grout, metal, brick, and other surfaces caused by other types of blast media.

Most importantly, the media is pH neutral making it safe to plants and vegetation.  It's composition is all natural and in other forms it is used as a plant fertilizer.  It is water soluble, biodegradable, and will not affect pool water chemistry.

It is a versatile cleaning material that can be used on a variety of surfaces - from glazed tiles to metal and even glass.

Known as wet blasting, the water pressure delivered by the pressure washer carries the blast particles to the surface needing to be cleaned.  A sand stake can be inserted into the desired media.  As the water is forced through the blast aperture via a pressure washer, sufficient suction is accomplished to draw through the media through the mixing valve.  


  • 50 lb.
  • Supports general purpose pressure washers - 4.0 GPM, 3800 PSI or lower
  • pH Neutral
  • Biodegradable
  • Water Soluble
  • Fertilizer based.
  • (Blast Nozzle) not included.


  • Blast Pool Tile Kit; Pool Tile Kit 1, or Pool Tile Kit 2
  • Blast Nozzle - zero degree or fan spray
  • Pressure Washer
  • Sand Stake
  • Hose


Professionals can use their Pool Tile Cleaning License to buy the media from local suppliers. Home owners generally need a contractors license to buy from local suppliers.  This can restrict their access to the media.  Mr. Hard Water does sell to home owners.  However, shipping costs apply to all media sales.



Media types dissolve at different rates when mixed with water.  Media types also differ in pH.  This affects of plants health.  pH-neutral media is recommended around vegetation.  Media types also vary according to hardness and break down during impact.  For example, sand is very hard and does not disintegrate upon impact whereas other media will.  As a result, cleaning effectiveness, pitting, stripping, and other featureas associated with blasting are determined by the type of media used.

For quick clean up, capture undissolved media using a tarp and then dispose in a safe place.







Smooth pool tile surfaces such as glazed tiles and glass block can benefit from a pool tile sealer.  This hydrophobic (water repelling) sealer is easy to apply and safe to use.  The sealer fills microscopic voids and creates a teflon like surface that repels calcium (Ca+) and hard water.  When the calcium stains return after cleaning, the molecules simply rest on the coated surface and do not bond as firmly as they would to untread stone.  This makes subsequent cleaning easier.

The coverage rates are very high for this polymer coating.  One coat is generally sufficient provided it is applied smoothly and evenly.  Use any foam sponge or sealer applicator to spread the sealer onto the stone.



  • Easy to Apply.  Spread sealer onto tile with applicator.  Let dry 3-5 minutes.
  • Non-Toxic Formula.
  • Will not discolor, crack, chip, or peel.
  • Bonds well to smooth surfaces.
  • Adds a brightness to dull tile.
  • Durable.  Resists UV breakdown.
  • Compatible with grout, stone, and other surfaces.
  • Can also be used on metals, glass, plastics, and stainless steel.
  • Causes water to bead off.  Calcium adheres to the sealer's teflon like surface.
  • 8 oz. covers approximately 150 linear ft.



 Apply with a Sealer Applicator (SEAL - 300), microfiber towel (SEAL - 340), or sponge (SEAL - 331).


Application:  1. Clean and dry the surface.  2. Spread and buff the sealant evenly across the surface using a soft cloth, sponge, microfiber towel, or sealant applicator taking care not to miss any spots.  Apply two coats if necessary. 3. Let the sealer dry for three to five minutes until a haze appears.  4. Buff off the remaining haze by rinsing with a wet towel.  Watch the water bead off!  5. Use a squeegee or dry cloth to remove the remaining water from the glass surface. 6. Re-apply as needed. 

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