Mr. Hard Water® - Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun

Mr. Hard Water® - Carburetor 1 Gun
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Mr. Hard Water® - Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun

Ideal for:

  • Pool Cleaning Professionals
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Construction Supplies
  • Farm and Equipment
  • Government
  • Marine Boatyards
  • Pool Supplies

The Mr. Hard Water® - Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun is a professional high performance wet blaster that functions in two modes.  In traditional mode, it operates as a gravity fed hopper (PULL).  When connected to an air compressor, it operates as a high powered turbo / air boosted (PUSH/PULL) wet blaster capable of sand blasting and soda blasting pool tile, stone, brick, concrete, metal, wood, graffiti, and marine boat hulls at distances up to 100 ft. with a stable and smooth flow of dry blast media, such as sand, salt, glass bead, and walnut shells. The operator adjusts the strength of the cleaning, stripping, and degreasing by using different types of media at different water pressures supplied by a power washer (3800 PSI / 3.5 GPM – 4200 PSI /4.0 GPM).  Media Sifter included.


Wet blasting is eco-friendly and offers many advantages to traditional air blasting systems, including:

  • Safer to the Operator / Less Air Born Dust.
  • Safer to the Surface, especially Glass Tile and Synthetic Stone.
  • Easier to Operate.
  • Better Performance.
  • Better Control.
  • Lower Initial Investment.
  • More Cost Effective to Operate.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • More Maneuverable / Light Weight.
  • Easier Storage and Set-Up.
  • Multi-Application.
  • Supports Many Types of Blast Medias.
  • Dual-Mode Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC) for PUSH/PULL Operation.


  • Pool Tile
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Graffiti
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Marine Boat Hulls


  • Sand
  • Salt
  • Glass Bead
  • Kieserite (MaxxStrip)
  • Backing Soda
  • Walnut Shells




First, add media to the hopper.  Second, attach the blast gun to your pressure washer.  Third, select either the standard gravity fed mode or the turbo air boost mode by adjusting the valves on the Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC).  Fourth, begin wet blasting, sand blasting, or soda blasting.


Its dual-mode operation is user adjustable and offers two functional modes of operation.  In traditional mode, it operates as a gravity fed hopper.  The only action on the media results from the venturi blast head which pulls it through the hose and to the work surface.  Resisting this action is the weight of the media and the friction in the hose and the hopper causing intermittent flow and shorter work distances.  To offset these forces and to smooth out the media flow over longer distances, we use a Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC) in turbo mode. 


Connect the VAC to the air compressor. Use the built-in step down regulator located on your air compressor to supply to 1 - 15 psi stable air pressure to the Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC).  This will push the media from the hopper to the work surface while the venturi blast head pulls it.  (PUSH/PULL) The air pressure will depend upon the weight of the media and distance to work surface. 


Qty Item Economy Carburetor Hopper - 1 Gun
1 Orange Hopper - 125 lb
1 Screw Lid - 12" Vented Twist Lock
1 Venturi Assist Carburetor - VAC
2 Clear Vinyl Media Hose - 25 ft
2 Locking Removable Castor Wheels
2 Removable Rubber Feet for Hopper Cart
1 Drain Snake Poker
1 2" Grommeted Velcro Gun Straps - Side
1 3/4" Grommeted Velcro Gun Straps - Bottom
1 Chrome Plated Steel Cart
1 3/4" Media Control Valve
1 Gun Assembly w/ 15 ° Blast Head & Side Handle
1      15 ° Fan Tip - Accessory Pack
1          -      15 ° Fan Tip
1          -      15 ° Fan Tip Rubber O - Ring
2          -      Blast Head Body Set Screws
1          -      Nozzle Tip Wrench
1          -      Nozzle Tip Cleaning Tool
1          -      Media Clean Out Brush
1          -      Quick Connect Fitting - 1/4" Male Plug
1          -      Lance 2" - Close Up Blasting
2          -      Hose Clamp
1 Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Sealer - 8 oz.
1 Sealer Applicator
1 Instruction Manual
1 Media Sifter Included


  • Pressure Washer: (3800 PSI / 3.5 GPM) min – (4200 PSI / 4.0 GPM) max
  • Blast Media:  Sand, Salt, Glass Bead, Kieserite, Baking Soda, Walnut Shell, etc.
  • Air Compressor: 2HP/8 Gal/125 PSI min (For Use in Turbo / Air mode.  Not required for standard gravity fed mode.)

 ****NOTE*** Air Compressor must have built in Step-Down Regulator in order to supply 1 - 10 psi stable air pressure to the Venturi Assist Carburetor (VAC)

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