Mr. Hard Water® Glass Sealer - 8 oz.

Mr. Hard Water® Protective Sealant - 8 oz.
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Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant is a durable, easy-to-apply sealer that protects shower doors, windows, windshields, and other glass surfaces from hard water build-up.  Mr Hard Water® can be safely used on glass surfaces, mirrors, metals, tile, fiberglass, porcelain, and plastic.


Mr Hard Water® Sealer seals and protects shower doors and windows against the build-up of soap and hard water eliminating the need for a daily squeegee. It also protects shower door glass and windows from the etching effects of hard water stains preserving your raw material investment.  Mr Hard Water® Sealer makes subsequent cleaning much easier because it provides a "Teflon-like" coating that prevents the adherence of stain creating substances such as hard water, soaps, and dirt.



  • Durable.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Cost Effective.  
  • Applies with a foam applicator, microfiber towel, or absorbant sponge.
  • Excellent for repelling hard water.
  • Protects glass surface from chemical etching.
  • Makes subsequent cleaning much easier because of the "Teflon-like" coating.
  • 8 oz. covers 200 sq ft.  
  • Does not discolor, crack, chip, or peel.




 Apply with a Sealer Applicator (SEAL - 300), microfiber towel (SEAL - 340), or sponge (SEAL - 331).


Application:  1. Clean and dry the surface.  2. Spread and buff the sealant evenly across the surface using a soft cloth, sponge, microfiber towel, or sealant applicator taking care not to miss any spots.  Apply two coats if necessary. 3. Let the sealer dry for three to five minutes until a haze appears.  4. Buff off the remaining haze by rinsing with a wet towel.  Watch the water bead off!  5. Use a squeegee or dry cloth to remove the remaining water from the glass surface. 6. Re-apply as needed. 

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