Mr. Hard Water® - Standard Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun

Mr. Hard Water® - Standard Hopper System 1 Gun
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Mr. Hard Water® - Standard Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun

 This system runs in to modes - traditional and carburetor.  In traditional mode, a filter allows air to pass through the piping.  This provides a venting process as the media is being pulled through the hose by the pressure washer driven blast head.  In carburetor mode, you simply replace the air filter with an air compressor fitting.  Add 3 to 10 psi from a standard air compressor to push the media through the hose while the blast head pulls it.








Mr. Hard Water® - Standard Carburetor Hopper 1 Gun

This gravity fed hopper includes a trigger sprayer, lance, blast head, hose, and wheeled hopper.  Most importantly, the blast head is designed to spray at a 15 degree pattern. This increases coverage rates when working across large areas.  The system can be used to clean pool tile, stone, concrete, metal, marine boat hulls, and other surfaces.  The user can adjust the strength of the cleaning, degreasing, or stripping by using different types of medias at different pressures.

Ideal for:

  • Pool Cleaning Professionals
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Construction Supplies
  • Farm and Equipment
  • Government
  • Marine Boatyards
  • Pool Supplies

How it Works:

Add media to the hopper.  Attach your pressure washer to the trigger handle and begin to spray.  As water is forced into the system, the venturi blast head creates a suction that pulls the media from the hopper through the hose and to the work surface.  Several adjustments allow the user to control the media flow.  First, there is a valve on the blast head that meters the amount of media to be used.  Second, most pressure washers have a regulator that allows the opperator to adjust the output pressure.  This will affect the both the impact pressure on the surface, as well as the amount of suction power pulling the media through the hose. Media Sifter included.


Qty Item Construction Hopper - 1 Gun
1 Orange Hopper - 100 lb
2 Clear Vinyl Media Hose - 25 ft
1 Pipe Configuration Carburetor w/ Union
1 Connect to Air Compressor - Fittings
1 Lid - 12" Snug Fit
1 Lance 2" - Close Up Blasting
1 Drain Snake Poker
1 2" Grommeted Velcro Gun Straps - Side
1 3/4" Grommeted Velcro Gun Straps - Bottom
1 Media Stake - 20" for 5 Gal Bucket Operation
1 Instruction Manual
1 Steel Cart
1 3/4" Media Control Valve
1 Gun Assembly w/ 15 ° Blast Head & Side Handle
1      15 ° Fan Tip - Accessory Pack
1          -      15 ° Fan Tip
1          -      15 ° Fan Tip Rubber O - Ring
2          -      Blast Head Body Set Screws
1          -      Nozzle Tip Wrench
1          -      Media Clean Out Brush
1          -      Quick Connect Fitting - 1/4" Male Plug
2          -      Hose Clamp
1          -      Air Filter
1 Media Sifter

Works with many media types: Features:

    • MaxxStrip Kieserite
    • Baking Soda (Armex XL)
    • Sand, Walnut Shells
    • Glass Bead
    • Pool Salt (for testing)
  • Many Applications: 
    • Pool Tile
    • Stone
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Marine Boat Hulls


  • Pressure Washer: 4200 psi / 4.0 GPM (pool tile)
  • Pressure Washer: miniumum 3800 psi / 3.5 gpm (effloresence)
  • Blast Media
  • Vaccuum Pump (if working with Kierserite or Glass Beadon Pool Tile)



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