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Stone Pro Quick Clean - Qt
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Efflorescence, mineral deposits, hard water stains, and salts can be effectively removed from granite, porcelain, ceramic masonry, tile grout, and other non-calcium based stones. 


  • Works on difficult to clean "non-sanded" grout.
  • Removes hard water stains from exterior saltillo pavers and tile
  • Ideal for exterior cleaning.
  • Strong Acidic cleaner.
  • pH is below 1.


Not for use on polished marble, travertine, serpentine, limestone, or other polished calcium based stones.  Quick Clean will hone or dull the stone's surface. 

Contains: Hydrochloric Acid.  Ideal for salts, minerals, hard water deposits, and efflorescence.  More stable than muriatic acid, and much more aggressive than phosphoric acids.


  1. Detailed product instructions.
  2. How to Clean and Seal Stone.


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