Sealant Applicator Sponge - 1 pk

Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant - Sponge - 1 pk
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Spread it, and then buff it!  The Sealant Applicator Sponge is the perfect applicator for spreading Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant.  The polyurethane sponge absorbs a dab of Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant and spreads it evenly and smoothly across any surface.  It’s especially well suited for pool tile, windows, shower doors, and auto bodies.


  • Spreads Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant smoothly and evenly
  • Recommended for pool tile, shower doors, windows, flat or curved surfaces.
  • Makes a little bit go a long way
  • Covers larger areas quickly
  • Reusable
  • Rinse with soap and water after use!

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