Sealer Application Kit

Mr. Hard Water Protective Sealant - Sealer Application Kit
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Eliminate the time and labor associated with buffing every square inch! 

This kit includes 3 ft of foam - enough to cover our Knuckler scrub block 12 times.  And each foam pad can be used multiple times.  That's a lot of application for the money!

Spread it, and then buff it! The Sealer Application Kit is the recommended applicator for spreading Mr. Hard Water® Protective Sealant quickly and easily.  And it saves a lot of labor. Forget about using a towel on every square inch of glass. The polyurethane sponge absorbs a dab of Mr. Hard Water® Protective Sealant and spreads it evenly and smoothly across any surface. Rolls can be cut to fit both the Knuckler and X-Tra Reach Tools. It’s especially well suited for professional shower door restorers, window cleaners, auto bodies, solar panels, RVs, fleet vehicles and marine vessels.


  • Eliminate labor
  • Maximize coverage rates
  • Reduce application times
  • Fits the Knuckler Scrub Block and the X-Tra Reach Tool
  • Spreads Mr. Hard Water® Protective Sealant smoothly and evenly
  • Recommended for window cleaners, auto bodies, solar panels, windows, RVs, and marine
  • Foam pads are reusable.
  • Includes 3 ft of foam. 
  • Reusable

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