Stone Cleaning Kit


Designed for the professional, the Stone Cleaning Kit contains a professional quantity of supplies and equipment to remove hard water stains, etch marks, and light scratches.  The kit is designed to thoroughly maintain granite, marble, travertine, and other natural stone surfaces.  Renew dull and tired surfaces, and seal dense granite, marble, travertine and more with Stone Pro's Crystallized Polishing and Sealing supplies.   


  • For granite, marble, travertine, and other natural stone.
  • For countertops, vanities and bath.
  • Remove oil stains.
  • Remove hard water stains.
  • Remove light scratches.
  • Restore the stone's natural color.
  • Polish using a restoration Crystallizer and Granite Potea(color enhancer).
  • Polish using Marble Diamond Renew restoration powder (color enhancer).
  • Seal and protect marble against water stains, oil stains, and dullness.
  • (includes 3 Stone Steel Wool Pad #2 - 7" )


  • For daily cleaning, Stone Pro Crystal Cleanis recommended (not included). 
  • For deep stains, Stone Pro Wet Poultice is recommended (not included). 


Many people invest thousands of dollars on natural stone to enhance their surroundings and increase property values.  Then unknowingly, damage their stone by using cleaners not designed for natural stone.  Most "everyday" or "general" type cleaners contain acids, ammonias, vinegars, and other chemicals harmful to stone and sealers.  Many scouring powders and creams contain abrasives that may scratch the stone surface.  Stone Pro offers stone cleaning, restoration, and sealing supplies that will renew your stone's natural color, remove hard water stains, etching, and oil stains, as well as protect against unnecessary dullness and degradation.


Regardless of how careful one is, spills are going to happen.  Quick response time and the right solution will assist in limiting the possible damage to the stone and/or sealer.  Using Stone Pro will help to protect against and negate the damaging effects of spills.

  • Food Spills:  Carefully scoop up spill.  Do not wipe across the surface.  Instead, blot with a dry cloth.
  • Liquid Spills: Blot away spill with clean dry cloth, turning regularly.  Do not wipe across the surface.  For both types of spills, spray area with Stone Pro Crystal Clean then wipe until dry.  If the spill ocurred on a countertop, complete the job with Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray.  (This will restore the stone's natural color and repair the damaged sealer by adding a new layer of topical selant.
  • Oil Stains.  Stains that are oil based, such as cooking oils, lotions, etc. can be removed using Stone Pro Wet Poultice.


Substances that are acidic such as coffee, wine, orange juice, mustard, and softdrinks will etch all types of natural stone - except for granite (sealed or unsealed). 

Marble:  Sealing your stone properly will afford you time to wipe up spills.  But it will not stop the chemical reaction between the acid and the calcium carbonate in the stone.  Cleaners not specifically designed for for natural stone should not be used to clean up after a spill.  Improper cleaners can etch away the polish, discolor the surface, scratch the stone, and degrade the sealer.  Instead, Stone Pro Natural Touch is specifically designed to remove etch marks.  For deep etching, polishing with Stone Pro Diamond Renew is needed.  And for oil based stains, Stone Pro Wet Poultice is recommended.


  1. Detailed product instructions.
  2. How to Clean and Seal Stone.




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