Stone Gloss™ Sealer - 1 Gal

Stone Pro Stone Gloss Sealer - 1 Gal
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Without discoloring, cracking, or peeling, Stone Pro Stone Gloss seals and protects against oil and water based stains while adding a high gloss to rough surfaces and masonry. 


  • For exterior use.
  • Impregnates the stone for longer lasting protection.
  • Protects against both water and oil based stains.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Surfaces retain natural color, texture, and appearance.
  • Safe, easy-to-use, and VOC compliant.
  • No harsh smell and non-flammable.
  • Covers ...sq ft.


  1. Clean surface thoroughly.  Remove waxes, sealers, and dirt prior to application.
  2. Apply sealer using a lint-free cloth, microfiber towl, or microfiber mop.
  3. Apply evenly.  Do not allow sealer to pudddle onto the surface.
  4. Let dry. Allow 24 hrs to completely cure.


  1. Detailed product instructions.
  2. How to Clean and Seal Stone.


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