Stone Pro Formula 51 Stripper Degreaser - 1 Qt

Stone Pro Formula 51 Stripper Degreaser - 1 Qt
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Stone Pro Formula 51 Stripper Degreaser - 1 Qt


Formula 51 Stripper Cleaner is a concentrated formulation that helps to quickly dissolve, remove, and re-emulsify products such as tar, waxes, heel marks, scuffs, and light grout residue.  I will not damage natural stone.  It safely cleans sanded and non-sanded grout. It is an excellent de-greaser, stripper and stain remover. Safely removes most acrylic, wax and lacquer coatings and finishes from natural stone, masonry and concrete.


  • Product Description: Formula 51 is an alkaline stripper, de-greaser and stain remover that safely removes most acrylic, wax and lacquer coatings and finishes.
  • Formula 51 removes grease, grime, soap scum, hard water deposits and food stains.
  • For use on marble, travertine, concrete, masonry, pavers, ceramic tile and grout, porcelain and most natural stone.
  • Formula 51 contains monoethanolamine. Concentrated formula, dilute 4 to 1 with water. Highly alkaline with a pH of 13.
  • Will not affect the finish of polished stone.


  • Protect people, plants, pets and non-masonry items from residue, splash or wind drift.
  • Divert auto/foot traffic.
  • Avoid use on extremely hot or windy days.


  • Lightly waxed/coated. Dilute 1 part Formula 51 to 25 parts water.
  • Medium waxed/coated.  Dilute 1 part Formula 51 to 15 parts water.
  • Heavy waxed/coated.  Dilute 1 part Formula 51 to 5 parts water.



  • Sweep floor clean and free of all foreign debris
  • Mix your formulation of product based on the amount of build-up wax(es) your area may have (see above mentioned dilution rate.
  • Add your Forumula 51 pre-diluted mixture into your water tank or bucket and scrub surface area using either a soft whisk broom, natural hair pad, red stripping pad or a SP-TB Stone Pro Tampico Brush to agitate the floor.  You will see a milky material begin to appear on the surface.   This is your wax coating dissolving.  You are now removing your topical coating.  CAUTION: your floor may become slippery during the process of removing the previous coating.
  • Vacuum up the loose liquid slurry from the surface.  If a milky residue still exists, repeat as needed or until all evidence of the coating is gone. Picking up the wet slurry, using a wet vacuum, is very important.  If you do not remove this material from the surface you are only “moving” around the dissolved waxes.  Leaving behind the dissolved waxes will cause you floor to become slippery Be Cautions and removal all loose liquids from the floor.



Person(s) testing for desired results and effects to determine suitability of this product performance, for any intended or unintended purpose, shall be solely responsible for any unforeseen outcome related to this product.  Sell offers no warranties, expressed or implied, for any particular purpose(s) which extend beyond or within the description and/or limitations pertaining to this product.



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